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By: Joe Zakaria

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Friday, 8-Jun-2007 17:18 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Mimie and..

Sigh..its been a while since my last update..been quite busy lately,busy with works..with life..actually..i dont have any life anymore..ayooo..my works suck out all the fun!Its all about works,works and works! Its torturing when u have to do something that u dont like..there's no passion..when there's no passion all ur works is like rubbish!Opss..what am i talking about..hehehe..

Ok.this wedding event was taken last week..like i just said..i've been buzy,dont have time to update my photopage..this is the first episode..that's why u can see 'mimie..' hehehe..if there's a bride,there's a groom..want to see the groom..wait for my next entry..hehehe..ermm..do i have a follower?Hahaha..i dont think so!Hahahaha..just syok sendiri.. anyhow please dont mind the bad design..still have'nt found the touch of designing..or maybe im just stupid?? ..till the next entry..tatatatatatataaaaaaa +P

Monday, 28-May-2007 15:32 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Abdul Mukhlis Zakaria

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Abdul Mukhlis Zakaria..anak kedua dlm family aku..mamat nie mmg suka sgt bgaya!Ayooo..aku pun tatau mana punya angin la kena kt dia nie!Hahaha..pantang tgk aku pegang camera,nak je suh aku shoot dia..haih..hehe..anyway,i dedicate this entry specially for him..thanks for being there for me n thanks for always supporting me in what ever i do..ur the best angah!

Monday, 21-May-2007 12:21 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Penyeri Chikenpox!

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Dzulhakim dan Ikhmalhakim..penyeri hidup ku. Dua org budak bising ini mmg boleh mnyakitkan hati but at the same time can be so cute..ayoo..selama aku dok kt umah angkara chikenpox nie..derang la lighten up my life..aku selambe je gurau ngan derang eventhough aku ada chikenpox..tp jelingan mata dari mak ngan bapak derang mbuat aku..oppss..sorry..hahahaha!Memintak la xbjgkit kt derang..kt mak bapak derang xpe!

Owh,i also goes by the name ' j o e z a k a r i a '..dont be confuse,we are the same 'thing' hehehe

Monday, 14-May-2007 13:49 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Berjimba2 di melaka!

Last weekend aku pegi holiday ngan family ke melaka..tp xsmpt nk kemana pn..sbb tgesa2..

Wednesday, 9-May-2007 16:46 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Another trial to be a photographer by me..design buruk giler!Hehehe..

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