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Monday, 2-Jul-2007 16:02 Email | Share | | Bookmark
His Altered Ego


Some people is hard to be satisfied,no matter what we do or what we have done..it's still not good enough for them.But is it really important to satisfy others?What about our own satisfaction?Earth is so big and very spacious, but why do u have to breath on others neck? I dont understand this types of people,so nosy..so 'kaypoh'! No matter how good you are in something but please,do respect other..maybe u are good at one thing not other things..

Words are just word,its depand on how u take it and how u going to act..no matter how high u are rite now,but u still have to remember the ground!Sometimes its good to listen to wut others have to says..but u have to stand firm on wut u believe..not everything is an excuse..try to listen..Peace..

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Wednesday, 20-Jun-2007 09:47 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Words Of Wisdom

Tuesday, 19-Jun-2007 19:04 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Tugu Drum Circle


Last Saturday i went to Central Market KL for an Art and Music Event..nothing much happened there but something catch my ears. Performance by a band that used drums as their instrument who called them self Tugu Drum Cirlce. There are around 10-15 members and they used different sort of drums and a few other music instrument which i dont know its name. The group members of this band is multi racial and from all ages..u can see malays,chineses,indians..the crouds went wild when a young kid around 11 years old start doing drum solo on the floor dance floor!What a great talent that boy got,im really amazed! Event though the drum is almost taller than him!Hehe.. Im really touched by the beat of drums and tabla..every beat of the drums make me feels like dancing!Boowooo!I really enjoyed myself with their performace. Thoose beat complete me that day even though there was other performance by other band..hehehe..maybe my taste of music is a lil bit different from anyone there on that day. Anyone that love drum beats, u all can go to Tugu Negara every Sunday morning and watch Tugu Drum Cirlce perform and i can guarentee u'll be amazed!

Monday, 11-Jun-2007 13:40 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Approval given!Here is..Nur Qistina

Am i cute or am i cute?Hihi
Thumb sucking machine!
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Finally,after a few discussion and pujuk memujuk..i got the the pemission to publish Qissy's picture..phew!Thanks Tengku! ..Ok,Nur Qistina or Qissy is the most lively girl among her age i ever met! Today she is two years old..so cuteeee...Thanks to Tengku Loli for letting Qissy to be my model.. Seriously,i cant get enough of Qissy..hopefully i get to meet her again..ahhhh..Im in love..hihihi..

Sunday, 10-Jun-2007 17:54 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Happy Birthday Qissy!

Waiting for approval from Qissy's mom to put more of her cute daughter's pictures in here..pleasee Tengkuuuuuu...pretty pleaseeee This girl makes me want to eat her alive!Soooo cute!

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